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Adventures in Walking

Miracles happen everyday. You just need to look for them.

I didn’t expect this! Who knew that starting a daily walking routine would lead to incredible and amazing experiences – little miracles, really. All I wanted to do was get my keester off the couch, cut back on binge watching shows, and FINALLY start a regular walking/exercise routine! What came about? You’re about to find out . . .

Meeting my amazing walking partner was pure serendipity. I was at a doctor appointment and glanced over and spotted her. We knew each other while living in the same neighborhood a few years ago. A lot of hugging later, and finding that we now live in the same new neighborhood led to her asking randomly “do you like to walk?”

I’m all “yeah, I love to but not by myself. I find the company boring.” She laughed and we were then off to the races – literally, I mean this girl walks FAST.

And so it began. Monday through Friday starting at 6:30 a.m. We walk a brisk 4 miles and average about 10,000 steps. She’s like a drill sergeant with her Fitbit – I’ve been tempted to give her a clipboard and whistle but my better judgement says a big NO lol.

After about a week of this routine, the magic and actually stopping to smell the roses began. Week two while rounding a familiar corner, I spot a tiny little wooden door. Scrawled in little children’s handwriting said “open me, a fairy lives here.”

We diverted from our routine because this was just tooooo tempting. I open the little door and lo and behold there IS a little a little fairy house equipt with all of the creature comforts of a cozy home. Sadly, the fairy wasn’t there, clearly she was out for her morning flight or walk too.

As the weeks went by things began changing for me in my little neighborhood. The barber, while reading his newspaper, would smile broadly and wave. The bakers all adorned in their matching red bandanas and crisp white aprons would look up and give a nod as we walked by. Jess, the crossing guard, started to say Hello and tell us funny stories and how much he loved protecting the school kids each and every day. Things became ALIVE in a town which I’d lived for 3 years but never took much time to notice. I truly began to feel part of the town instead of merely living in it. I was no longer an observer but a vibrant member of this bustling, amazing and happy little place.

Week four was met with more surprises.

Another fairy house awaited us and upon further inspection we noticed that none other than Superman was climbing up stairs to rescue Rapunzel from high above her perch. Ok, these neighbors have a clever sense of humor and we’re loving it!

Toward the end of week 6 not only is my walking partner strangely finding shiny brand new pennies every other day (which she was not looking for they just where there) but we’re greeted with a gigantic dinosaur sitting proudly on a front porch. Okeeeeey, it wasn’t Halloween, I don’t think it was a designated dinosaur appreciation holiday – he was just there and big! Very cool I thought.

One of my many favorite discoveries was the meticulously groomed Ivy hedge with a huge trimmed heart in the middle. Ahhhh, warms my own heart every time I see it, if there’s ever time we need more LOVE in this world, its right now. Brilliant.

We’ve also added rituals that were neither planned or even anticipated – they just kind of happened. These kooky but fabulous rituals include never passing a swing set or see-saw without playing on them. Petting a fake rubber snake that sits on a Yucca plant each and every day. I’m terrified of snakes and it’s on my Life’s Adventure List to make peace with them – this is a start. And most importantly, saluting and harnessing the suns energy at the end of each walk. We do a modified sun salutation and reach our hands up in the air while pulling the suns energy into our hearts.

Some of the benefits that have come out of this new routine include – I’ve lost 20 pounds, my routine blood panel was off the hook this year – so much so my Doctor asked

what I was doing. And I’ve gained an entirely new outlook on life, my neighborhood and love – yes, I actually have more love in my heart and that’s a good thing.

Do I want to get up every single morning at 5:00 a.m? no. I’m human and some days it’s a struggle to wrangle myself out of warm sheets and into my workout gear.

But this I know for sure - the magic was here all along. In my heart and in my neighborhood. I had to participate instead of observe and I’m so glad I did. It takes the first step to begin any journey and this one has been nothing short of Magical.

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